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Commercial Recycling Service

Scholes Street Recycling

Scholes Street Recycling (SSR) is full service recycling facility located in Brooklyn, New York.

More Than Just Paper Recycling

In the never ending quest to keep our planet “green” at SSR, our goal is to recycle 100% of everything that comes into our facility. Scholes Street Recycling is a receiver of all types of recyclable materials and has an unlimited capacity for baling. We have been certified as an E-Waste facility, and now accept electronics for recycling.

Where We Are

SSR is located adjacent to Hi-Tech Resource Recovery and is conveniently equipped with 2 doorways so you can weigh in, dump off and then drive right through the building. This process keeps our operations moving at a steady pace so trucks can avoid waiting on long lines to dump off.

SSR is conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY just 1 mile from exit 33 on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (I 278) so there’s no need to waste costly diesel fuel, and/or hours on the road.

At Scholes Street Recycling, all materials are placed onto a conveyor belt and then sorted via a 15 ft long sorting station to keep the end product as clean as possible. All materials that are sorted from the conveyor belt are then separated and baled accordingly.

All types and grades of corrugated materials are brought here for sorting, and baling, including:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Plastic
  • White ledger
  • Cardboard
  • Waxed cardboard
  • Glass

All recycling materials are double sorted, so the end product is as clean as possible, baled and shipped out via tractor trailers and overseas boxes.

Hours of Operation

Sunday 10PM — Monday 3:00PM

Monday 10PM — Tuesday 3:00PM

Tuesday 10PM — Wednesday 3:00PM

Wednesday 10PM— Thursday 3:00PM

Thursday 10PM — Friday 3:00PM

Friday 10PM — Saturday 10AM

Saturday into Sunday — Closed

Contact us for more information.