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E-Waste Recycling

With the proliferation of electronics in the last few years, the disposal of used electronic equipment has become a national crisis. It is now required by law to dispose of old equipment at a dedicated E-Waste facility.

Our Scholes Street Recycling facility is now a certified E-Waste collection site. We have been in the recycling world for over 60 years, and we know how to get the job done. Bring us your used computers, monitors, printers, scanners and other electronics, and we’ll take care of it responsibly and safely.

You can drop it off here, or we can arrange pickup at your office or apartment building. Have an E-Waste drive in your Coop, neighborhood or school, and we’ll bring in a truck to pick it up. We will make sure the data is properly destroyed according to EPA and industry standards.

Let us help you make E-Waste compliance easy for you, and help protect our planet too. Call us today. 718-0386-5750

We also collect paper, plastics and all kinds of trash for residential and commercial clients. Find out more on our Mr. T website, and Let’s Talk Trash.

Scholes Street Recycling is an “electronic waste (E-Waste) collection site.”

What is an E-Waste Collection Site?

A fixed or temporary site at which electronic waste is accepted from consumers and temporarily stored for more than five days in a calendar year before such waste is transported to an electronic waste consolidation facility or electronic waste recycling facility. An “Electronic Waste Recycling Facility” is a facility at which the materials, components or commodities contained in electronic waste are separated, dismantled or processed for the purpose of preparing the materials, components or commodities for use or reuse in new products or components thereof, but not for energy recovery or energy generation by means of combustion, gasification, pyrolysis or other means. Recycling includes the manual and mechanical separation of electronic waste to recover materials, components or commodities for the purpose of reuse or recycling, and changing the physical or chemical composition of electronic waste to segregate components for purposes of recycling those components.