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Public Scale

Located at Scholes Street Recycling is a certified 40 foot long steel deck heavy duty truck scale that is open to the public as well as private businesses. The scale system is capable of printing certified weight tickets up to 200,000lbs capacity. Why not see how heavy you are before you plan your route.

Appointments can be made Monday – Friday from 12am to 4:30pm and limited hours on Saturday. Getting a certified weight receipt can help you determine an accurate gross, tare or net weight of your vehicle. TheĀ  scale house always has an employed licensed weight master on duty.

Knowing the correct weight of your vehicle can benefit you in many ways including:

  • Proper route planning
  • Less wear & tear on vehicle
  • Avoid being overcharged by dumps, vendors and distributors
  • Avoiding overweight violations
  • DOT compliance

Certified weight tickets also contain a time stamp that can assist in DOT required hours of service & log book entry.

  • Certified by State of New York, Bureau of Weights and Measures
  • NYS testing & certification performed annually
  • Maintained, tested & calibrated by Atlantic Scale Company

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